Adding to the Extra (Download Only)

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"Search through the lyrics of RA Scion... you’ll find honest discussion of the daily struggles of getting by, dealing with our dis- astrous economy, raising families, and being selfless enough to try and be a role model to the next generation." That's what tastemakers at Seattle's KEXP had to say about RA Scion in 2012; this year he's back to form with "Adding To The Extra," a full- length LP produced entirely by Tacoma's Todd Sykes (Milk On Wax, While You Were Sleeping, CityHall). Showing no signs of complacency since beasting the Seattle Rap Scene in 2005, RA attacks each one of Sykes' beats with the fervor of a freshman and the skill of a seasoned vet. Recorded and mixed by Geoff Ott at the legendary London Bridge Studios, the album features stellar appearances by Tilson, Chev, GMK and John Crown.