RA Scion & Vox Mod - Photo by Ken Lapworth
Sharper Tool; Bigger Weapon - Photo by Ken Lapworth
Sharper Tool; Bigger Weapon - Photo by Ken Lapworth

RA Scion / Vox Mod / Blake Lewis


Since his emergence in Seattle’s hiphop hotbed as one half of Common Market, RA Scion has consistently delivered dense lyrical subject matter over a wide variety of beats. Whether rapping under the superhero pseudonym Victor Shade, going raw, no frills on BEGXBORROWXSTEAL or riding Todd Sykes’ Dilla-esque production on Adding To The Extra, the emcee is steadily expanding an already impressive catalog of pointed socio-political commentary.

Native Seattleite Vox Mod has recently carved out a respectable niche for himself in the city’s electronic music scene. From his collaborative effort with Shabazz Palaces’ Ishmael Butler to his experimental, improvisational work with Lazer Kitty and Emerald Strata, Vox has proven himself to be amongst the deepest explorers of the illimitable synthesized soundscape.

The two combine forces to create Sharper Tool; Bigger Weapon, a 14-track warrior-style epic featuring guests Daniel Blue (Motopony), Blake Lewis, Romaro Franceswa and more. The album is lush and rich in texture, expansive and purposeful in its scope; an honest, impassioned reflection on the nature of the human condition and a bold declaration for the enduring spirit of man.

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